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A gentle reminder of those precious teas that will never be forgotten.

Best known for its unequalled combination of full-bodied, large-leafed and highly aromatic teas, Assam is located south of the eastern Himalayas and is counted amongst the largest tea producing regions in the world. With rising temperatures and lower rainfalls, a slow shift from the iconic flavour profile of Assam teas has yielded a range of new possibilities.


Discover our luxury teas, herbal infusions and ceramic teaware, effortlessly packaged together in an assorted gift box. It can be customized through every detail right from the outer box, selecting blends for the mini tea tins with personalized label and leaflet designs. 

Black teas are allowed to undergo full oxidation through a lengthy processing. The process requires attention, control, and a scientific understanding of the physical and chemical changes in the tea leaf as it matures. This produces a rich, bold flavour with a classic deep amber liquor. 


Discover the artistry of chai, where our master blenders have curated a diverse selection that transcends traditional boundaries. Each chai is a crafted masterpiece, inviting you to savor the rich tapestry of flavors that reflect the diversity and cultural significance of this cherished beverage. 
Our collection of everyday, classic teas cater to the modern, sophisticated tastes of clients. Each tea is certified organic and ethically produced in small batches which ensures a consistent product that supports our values of integrity, craftsmanship and a profound passion for what we do.
We believe in durable ceramic items that will last for years—not only physically, but aesthetically—and we design products that are as timeless as they are stylized.

Our hospitality and corporate partners worldwide share our commitment to exceptional craft, top materials, ethical employment, and avoid wasteful production practices, leaving you feeling empowered with every customized piece. 

Credited to producing the ‘Champagne of Tea’, Darjeeling is the pride of the Indian state of West Bengal. Ensconced in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, the region is blessed with bountiful rainfall, steep slopes, an envious soil and a cool climate - resulting in a tea experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

A range of dinnerware with a refined, minimalist design sensibility made from locally sourced recycled ceramics. We use sustainable materials, explore ancient techniques and processes to create beautiful, conscious, zero-waste pieces that you can feel good about using in your homes.


Applauded for its functionality, earthenware matures at lower firing temperatures making it ecologically practical and biodegradable. It is relatively porous and fragile with a low shrink factor. Our collection aims to work with artisans to stretch the boundaries through sustainable design interventions without compromising on precision.  

These teas can range in character from woody, mineral to marine notes. For example, oak, cedar, wet wood, pine, chalk, metal, ocean air and seaweed.

With increasing globalisation and growing exposure to international trends, a constant influx of ethnic influences continue to transform native flavours. But there quietly remains a national unity amongst people of different regions within India in preserving their culture. With each of our flavoured teas, we have attempted a riff on domestic traditions that lead you back to where our enduring love affair for the bold and distinctive began.


These teas range from bright jasmine and fragrant rose to subtle notes of gardenia, orchids and chrysanthemum. 

These teas can range in character from berry, citrus, tree and vine fruit to tropical notes. For example, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lime, lemon, orange, muscatel, peach, pear, mango, banana and melon. 

Brimming with life and flurries of people going to and from, we find refuge in the form of aromatic smells from vendors peddling carts of fresh fruit. Each of our tisanes will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses, and toss up the unexpected. We aim to combine more contemporary creations fused with a unique ethnic edge. To embrace this unpredictability is to imagine an aura of a culture. 

Our digital gift cards carry a warm sentiment of gratitude, surprise and joy for anyone - something that is greatly treasured by all. 

Green tea is made by processing the tea leaves immediately after it is harvested to ensure minimal oxidation through heat: either by steaming, pan-firing, sun-drying, or charcoal firing. This maintains those freshly picked notes, with a character range from vegetal, herbal to grassy.



With a variety of climatic regions and fertile plains, India is a haven for harvesting herbs with plentiful health properties. To extract all of its virtues, each herbal and fruit tisane is curated from a treasure of ancient wisdom for living a balanced life without sacrificing flavour and will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses, and toss up the unexpected.

Japan is known for their high quality green tea and tea ceremonies. In recent years, the trend of using matcha, or green tea in powder form, in food and drinks has further popularised Japanese green tea into a fine art.

Part of the Western Ghats, the Nilgiri Hills or the ‘Blue Mountains’ are nestled in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and named after the purple-blue Kurinji flowers that bloom once every twelve years. Sufficient rainfall with a sub-tropical climate aid in cultivating the intensely fragrant, smooth and well balanced Nilgiri teas all year-round without a dormancy season. 


Several unexplored and non-traditional tea growing districts within North India have defied stereotypical thinking and begun to generate new hope among the small and marginal tea farmers. These relatively new entrants are nurtured and skillfully crafted by artisans producing teas of natural splendour.

India’s northeast comprises of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, and Sikkim. Though Assam grows the most tea, many of these smaller tea growing districts contribute to the region’s overall tea produce thanks to their fertile soil, diverse topography, varying altitudes and favourable climatic conditions.

These teas are nutty in taste and aroma and have notes that include almond, chestnut, pine nuts, and walnuts. 

Oolong teas are characterized by longer oxidation creating complex flavors and aromatic compounds. These partially fermented tea leaves represent true artisanal mastership of processing as it offers the widest character range amongst all teas, from light and floral to dark and intense.

A white and translucent form of refined ceramic that vitrifies at high firing temperatures resulting in thin walls with unmatched purity, strength, durability; and yet carries with it an air of fragility.

Each piece of serveware achieves simplicity through thoughtful reduction. Our design approach ensures an upscale touch with attention and detail. 

A mid-to-high firing of unrefined clay that produces a hard, dense, grittier texture surface with often variegated color. It often bonds well with several glazes and creates an impermeable, non-porous surface when fired to maturity. 

These teas produce a natural form of sweetness and have notes that include malt, honey, toffee and caramel notes.

Our tea bag envelopes are designed to reflect an eclectic mix of modern minimalism with a cultural charm. Each pyramid tea bag is individually wrapped in an outer envelope with a customized option for weddings, corporate, hospitality and more.

The tea bowl is an iconic form in contemporary ceramics. It holds an integral part of tea ceremonies in Japan and has inspired artisans worldwide to expand the concept and create new forms through their own cultural interpretations. It enjoys an elevated status and is revered for its connotations of simplicity and sophistication. 

A tea brewing vessel will bring elegance to your homes without the need for a handle, long spout or strainer. Unlike classic teapots, it frames your tea and botanicals beautifully, cleans up and empties with such ease. 


Elevating the miniature tea tin to the realm of art. Combining design and functionality, each tin is elegantly crafted to preserve loose leaf tea with a customized label option for weddings, corporate, hospitality and gift add-ons.


A teacup is valued for being a deeply personal object that reminds us of peace, comfort and shared moments. Our collection focuses on materials that compliment and enhance the aromatic and flavour profiles of each tea.

These teas are silky, smooth and buttery which creates a pleasantly thick mouthfeel and sensation. 

These teas can range in character from grassy, vegetative to herbal notes. For example, fresh cut, wet straw, bamboo, fresh hay, butternut, spinach, green beans, basil, mint, parsley, thyme and basil.

Our white teas are appreciated and prized for their delicacy, rarity and subtle character. These freshly picked, young tea leaves and buds are entirely handmade and is a testament to each of our tea makers and their craftsmanship.