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Explore India's Colorful Cities Through Tea
  • Post author
    Ashmit Patel
  • Explore India's Colorful Cities Through Tea
  • Explore India's Colorful Cities Through Tea

  • The Rajasthan province of northwestern India surely lives up to its sobriquet “the Land of Maharajas,” or “Land of Princes.” Here, the opulence of regal fortified palaces, bustling bazaars, and architectural wonders set a jewel in India’s crown. Rajasthan is home to several luxurious Ahista blends that anchor the senses to its dazzling present and exquisite history. The particular regional celebration of color is not limited to sight but expresses itself in the taste, aroma, and heat of each cup. Come, journey with us to three colorful and flavorful cities. Savor the origins of each handcrafted blend.

    Blue City

    Jodhpur, The Blue City, is so-named for its many houses of vivid blue. Azure-hued architecture is sprinkled around the historic walled fortress, adding vibrant notes of color to the tan, desert city. Jodhpur is famously sunny and bright year-round with its blue hues glistening in the heat. Retreating from the sun among winding, narrow passages while nestled between brightly painted walls contributes to the magical heritage of Jodhpur. Such rich experiences attract visitors from around the globe.

    There are a few theories to explain the marvelous paint that gives the Blue City its fame. Some residents claim the blue was painted over Brahmin houses as a sign of social status. Others suggest the blue helps keep homes cool in the desert climate. Perhaps the blue exists as a blend of the two. Regardless of its first uses, blue has become an inseparable and defining characteristic of this marvelous medieval city.

    Our Blue City blend is crafted by aging Assam black tea with Sicilian bergamot and vanilla beans over two weeks. We then pay homage to the beauty of Jodhpur by dressing the blend with blue cornflowers. In only three minutes, you may brew a tea experience that transports your mind and body to the serpentine by-lanes of Jodhpur; the azure architecture glistening among the leaves, Jodhpur’s ever-sunny heat warming your hands and palate. In addition, this creamy, citrus Cream of Earl Grey boasts health benefits of easing digestion, delivering powerful antioxidants, and aromatherapeutic calm.

    Pink City

    Pink City is the moniker of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s magical, capital city. A romantic pink hue decorates every architectural beauty within its borders. The captivating symmetry and ornate decoration of the various Rajasthani structures captivate visitors around the globe, especially those with an eye for photography.

    The color pink represents hospitality and was chosen by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh to welcome Prince Albert in 1876. The Maharaja adorned every building in ranges of lovely pink hues to dazzle Prince Albert and to beautify the city for his people. In 1877, his queen was so fond of the terracotta color that she pleaded with the Maharaja to make a law that every structure in Jaipur be painted pink. Her request was granted and has been obeyed until the present day. The uniformity of the pink color, while preserving diversity among the ranges in hues, suggests the simultaneous cohesion and complexity of Jaipur tradition.

    Pink City, our fresh and tangy strawberry pink lemonade, is an homage to this romantic legacy. Best served as a refreshing cold brew or iced tea, this non-caffeinated fruit tisane is ideal for cooling down and indulging the present moment. The freeze-dried fruits that craft this elixir preserve 90% of their nutritional value which enables revitalizing electrolytes to boost overall mood. Pink City is also delectable when served warm, making this a tisane with range to accommodate any occasion or season - reflective of the range of pink you discover in its city of origin. Once brewed, the liquor is Jaipur pink, embodying the sweet and soothing hospitality of its namesake.

    Golden City

    The wonder of Jaisalmer is aptly named The Golden City due to the glistening honey sandstone architecture arising from the heart of the Thar desert. The year-long sunshine Jaisalmer enjoys dances off of the palaces, bazaars, forts, and havelis of times past and present. Havelis - extravagant and traditional royal mansions - prominently adorn the Golden City with their architectural brilliance and cultural heritage. The entire city is often bathed in a golden glow.

    The Golden City was once a major stop along ancient spice and trade routes. Jaisalmer’s bazaars and markets continue to bustle with merchants of various artistic, practical, and tasty treasures. The golden gleam of sandstone reflects the extravagance of the city's wares.

    Our immunity-boosting herbal tea blend, Golden City, draws inspiration from Jaisalmer’s essential position in the vibrant ancient spice route. We source and blend turmeric root, ginger, licorice root, lemongrass, orange peel, and tangerines of the highest quality to craft an all-natural Indian cup of healing. Each ingredient helps to strengthen the immune system, eliminate inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. The earthy taste is balanced with citrus delights. The pleasant aftertaste lingers upon your palate just as sunlight is suffused upon the sandstone of Jaisalmer. See the honey gold of sandstone in your cup, taste the sweet and spice of the desert trade city, smell the aroma of a spice bazaar, feel the pervading warmth of the sunlight in your hands. Bathe your tea experience in gold.

    Honoring Place with Palate

    Ahista is honored to acquaint patrons with the colorful and flavorful cities highlighted above through our blends - Blue City, Pink City, and Golden City. The Maharajas of India are admired for their sophistication and opulence; both characteristics that are expressed by Rajasthan and its cities. The tastes and aromas of our blends are anchored in time and place. Our blends are informed by Indian legacies and are handcrafted to honor Indian culture, both past and present. Tea is travel. A simple sip can transport you to incredible places. Join Ahista for a journey with every cup.

    For more information on the inspiration behind our tea blends, please reference the description section on each blend page.

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